The Modern Materiel Pro Shop specializes in performance firearms and stocks many makes and models of handguns, rifles and shotguns.

While the Modern Materiel Pro Shop showroom is small in size, we do stock a variety of handguns, rifles and shotguns from various manufacturers.  We rely heavily on the inventory stocked at the many nearby firearm distributors to fulfill the needs of our customers.  Generally, after a personal consultation the desired firearm can be obtained and available for purchase on the next business day.  Some of the more common firearm brands that come through the Modern Materiel Pro Shop are:

  • Glock, HK, Walther, FN,Beretta
  • Kimber, Ruger, Smith & Wesson
  • Remington, Mossberg, Bennelli

Any customer that already knows what they are looking for is encouraged to browse and buy through our ONLINE STORE.  Firearm purchases made through our site are available for pick-up in our showroom or can be shipped to another FFL.  Appropriate NJ licensing and permits will be required for delivery.  Non-firearm purchases can be shipped directly to your home or business.

If we don’t have what you need or you find it for less, we are glad to offer a TRANSFER service.  Our transfer fee is $50 which includes the NJ NICS fee and sales tax. All transfer requests can be made by emailing the purchase information to  We will exchange the appropriate documentation to facilitate your purchase.

Not all firearms that arrive in NJ are state compliant.  Sometimes we are able to make a firearm NJ compliant by permanently attaching the muzzle device and affixing the stock so that it cannot telescope or fold.  For more information about NJ firearm laws, click HERE.

We charge: $50 to pin & weld the muzzle device and $20 to pin the stock.

In addition to the national brands, the Modern Materiel Pro Shop is committed helping local firearm manufacturers by showcasing and promoting their products.  We are proud distributors of products made by Dark Storm Industries located in Oakdale, NY and Rebel Arms Corporation from East Stroudsburg, PA.