Nearly all semi-auto pistols manufactured today use a plastic polymer frame.  Unfortunately, the frame sizes and dimensions rarely fit the hand of the average American consumer.  We have developed proprietary custom fit packages to help our customers gain proper control over these firearms.

Full 360° grip texturing including high definition bordering and thumb reference texture point
(Light, Medium, Heavy texture available)
Reference texture points – Right index finger on frame or Left index finger under trigger guard $30 each
Ergonomic Trigger Guard Undercut $50
Removal of Finger Groove $35
Backstrap/tang Contouring $35
Permanent Beavertail Installation $75
Magwell Cutout $50
Magazine Release Scallop (Gen 1-3 ONLY) $50
Silicone Carbide Application Alternative $175


* This service can be applied to ANY polymer accessory including AR grips, shotgun grips & fore grips, etc