Modern Materiel encourages the safe and effective use of firearms.  Practice and preparation are the keys to success at the range, in competition and in self-defense situations. 

Modern Materiel takes firearm instruction, training and safety seriously.  We are committed to offering our customers access to the highest levels of training available.  We believe in the “hands on” style of results based instruction provided by GST Firearms Training.

GST Firearms Training is a NJ based business dedicated to teaching and coaching all things firearms.  GST employs an innovative student focused approach where the training curriculum is customized to the current skill and knowledge level of the student.  The instruction centers around each student’s shooting goals and level of competency.   This method allows GST offer very efficient and effective training packages.  Graduating students are seen as safe and competent shooters and are empowered to continue in the sport.

GST Firearms Training is equipped to handle all levels of students and prides itself on its versatility.  Whether you are just getting started or are an “old dog” looking to learn a few new tricks, GST can help.  Students are often surprised by the skills they acquire after a day on the range with GST even if they have attended other training programs in the past.

GST is based out of Monmouth County and trains regularly at the Monmouth County Rifle and Pistol Club in Farmingdale, NJ.

For more information, contact Joe Savio by email at or by phone at (732)245-7844.

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