1What does a California compliant model look like?

California Compliance

MODERN MATERIEL utilizes a two-step approach to manufacturing versions of our popular MODMAT models that comply with California code.

  1. An internal magazine locking device is installed in the lower receiver that prevents the magazine release button from functioning when the firearm is fully assembled. Essentially this internal locking mechanism turns the MODERN MATERIEL lower receiver into a fixed magazine model.
  2. The magazine can only be removed when the firearm is disassembled. This is achieved using a KingPin from AR MAGLOCK. The KingPin allows for minimal separation (action disassembly) of the upper and lower receivers. The new KingPin holds the upper receiver from flying open when disassembling the action. The KingPin benefits:
    • Keeping your critically important bolt catch
    • Seamless double feed clearing
    • Bolt hold back on last round
    • Fast magazine changes
    • Clear access to your safety selector
    • Easy removal from the receiver to fully open the action

KingPin is patented under US 10,126,078.

2It looks like someone shot my gun before I got it ... is it used?

All MODMAT firearms are test fired after being manufactured to ensure proper function. Most firearms will have 6 rounds fired out of 3 different magazines but some will have more. In every production batch one is pulled at random to check both function and accuracy.

3What ammo should I use in my MODMAT: Brass or Steel?

It depends. Modern Materiel recommends high quality brass cased ammo in the appropriate caliber for your firearm. Most of our MM PROS would agree. However, steel cased ammo can be just fine as well but our general rule of thumb is to not mix and match. Basically, shoot one or the other until you’ve done enough research to know when you can safely switch.

4What is an "Other Firearm?"

The short answer is that an “other firearm” is one that is designed to be fired with 2 hands, does not have a stock and has an overall length that exceeds 26″. Basically, according to the definition set forth by the ATF it is not a pistol, not a rifle and not under the jurisdiction of the NFA therefore it classifies as an “other firearm.” The caliber and type of projectile is not factored into the classification. This classification is not new but has become more popular as new “other firearm” models like the Gen4 Modern Materiel MODMAT PATROL SBF and MODMAT-9 STREET SBF have come to market.

UPDATE: The ongoing legal battles between the ATF and many plaintiffs over the “Pistol Brace Ruling” has led to many questions around the legality of the “other firearm.” These legal challenges only impact one’s ability to install a “brace” onto an “other firearm” (or pistol), not the “other firearm” itself. The classification and definition of “other firearm” has NOT changed.

5What does it mean if an item is BACK ORDERED?

Due to the current nature of the firearms industry including drastically increased demand and delays of raw material supply, we are unable to give a specific timeframe for new orders. Backordered firearms are built in the order we receive them.

This is for our inventory only and does not reflect the inventory held by our DEALERS. We recommend checking with them for availability as well.

6What does it mean if an item is OUT OF STOCK?

While Modern Materiel works diligently to manufacture all firearms in a timely manner, the smaller size of our company coupled with so many market variables, makes it very challenging. An item will move from BACK ORDERED to OUT OF STOCK when the anticipated production is not able to be scheduled in the short term.

7Do you offer local pick up?

No, as of 2021 we no longer offer local pickup. New orders can be purchased directly from our website and shipped to our DEALERS where Modern Materiel covers the transfer fee, leaving the customer responsible only for the shipping and NICS fees.

8Do you ship outside of the United States?

No. Modern Materiel only ships to domestic addresses once a valid Federal Firearms Licence (FFL) is obtained.