Become an MM Dealer


Thank you for choosing to carry the MODERN MATERIEL brand of firearms in your store. MM is a small firearms manufacturer that relies on the sales expertise of established retailers to introduce our products to the general public. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to our brand!

MODERN MATERIEL offers 2 types of dealer accounts:

  1. NON-Stocking Dealer – All qualified state and federal firearms license holders are able to purchase direct with no minimums. A retail store is not required.
  2. PREMIUM Stocking Dealer – Qualified state and federal firearms license holders with a brick and mortar location. Requires an opening order of 9 MODMAT firearms and 24 firearms per rolling 12 month period. Participation in the MODERN MATERIEL Transfer Program is required.

As a manufacturer direct company, MODERN MATERIEL is committed to the partnership with our PREMIUM Stocking Dealers. The site maintains a list of all our dealers and our customer service staff always works to direct customers to their closest location. Additionally, our PREMIUM Stocking Dealers benefit from the efforts of our marketing team who constantly promote the MODERN MATERIEL brand across several social media platforms, at local events and in your store. Your success is our success!

For more information about becoming a MODERN MATERIEL dealer, please complete the following form and a representative will follow up shortly.

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