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Modern Materiel is a NJ based business that offers its customers a place to explore the firearms industry from several different perspectives.  First, Modern Materiel is a basic gun store, but more personalized, so we call it a boutique “Pro Shop.”  Our Pro Shop is more sport shooting focused but can help with hunting applications as well.  We don’t keep a lot of inventory on hand because many of our distributors have warehouses close by.  Check out our ONLINE STORE for the many products that are only a day away!

Next, Modern Materiel is a facilitator of unique firearm industry products and services.  Unfortunately, the firearms culture in NJ has been stifled over the past 60-80 years.  Organized crime and multiple dense urban areas have undermined the rights of ordinary gun owners.  Determined to reverse these long-standing taboos, Modern Materiel has developed THE TRUST, a collection of people and products that exist in and around New Jersey.

Finally, Modern Materiel is a firearms and firearm accessory manufacturer.  Our product line begins with a semi-automatic modern sporting rifle called the MODMAT-15.  Starting at $950, the MODMAT-15 is the NJ compliant answer for anyone looking for a hand-built, high performance budget minded rifle.  We are passionate about our rifles and the accessories that go on them.  Check them out at one of our PREFERRED RETAIL PARTNERS or call us to arrange a range demo!

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